1. Ex Machina

Computer Numerical Control

The first step in every new board’s life is the process of being milled out of a raw blank. These raw shapes are based on experience and heritage and serve as the foundation for all steps to come. Keith Teboul pioneered many technologies over the course of recent windsurfing history. Using CNC machines for Custom boards since the early Nineties is one of them. Made right here on Maui.

2. Hand Made


Despite their digital DNA every single Custom board and Production prototype manufactured in our factory undergoes an overwhelming number of steps executed by hand. This is where we add heart and soul. The most important tools remain to be the shaper’s eyes and hands. For more information about shaping and Customs we invite you to visit Keith Teboul’s shaper page and the Custom World.

3. Onion Skins


When the shaping is done, glass layups are added. Great care and cleanliness is applied. When building the layups, be it for a surfboard, a stand up paddle board, a windsurfboard, or a kiteboard, we always use the finest materials and the latest techniques and construction concepts to ensure the best blend of light performance and dependable strength. Carbon gets applied generously and often.

4. In Detail


Next in line, all boxes and inserts are added with greatest precision and utmost dedication. We don’t trust quality control stickers, we believe in a lifetime of commitment. While we’re constantly upgrading the components we use and challenge the manufacturers we trust, we are entirely open to your ideas and wishes for improvement and personalizing when it comes to building your Custom board.

5. Excellence


Once all the steps above are done, finishing touches are applied and the board is prepared for its airbrush or decals. The last step in the process of building a board is the texture, and we use the lightest and most slip-proof texture material known to the industry, which is manufactured in Japan, where we fly it over from. For more information about airbrushes please visit our airbrush gallery.

6. Letting Go


At the end of the day, there are various paths a board may take. Some go straight into bubble wrap and are sent off to a happy new owner, some others have the tortures of testing ahead of them, while others, when deemed magical, end up as production masters. A handful sit loud and proud in the showroom of our flagship store, although usually it doesn’t take long before someone falls in love.

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