Ginxu Dragonfly 2

Pro Carbon.

Generation 2.


Ginxu Dragonfly 2

Pro Carbon.

Step Bottom Downwind Sup, All-Around, Lightwind Wingfoil

Better glide and quicker takeoff, same original Ginxu Dragonfly DNA.


The original Ginxu Dragonfly performed so well as a crossover for downwind paddling and winging in the lightest of breezes, we simply couldn’t beat it. Generation 2 thus stays true to the DNA of the original, with slight tweaks in hydrodynamic flow out the tail and a repositioned Ginxu Step Bottom (patented), for better glide and quicker takeoff.

Available in 88, 95, 100, 105, 110, 121, 135 liters.
Revolutionary Seamless Form KT Technology, all new ultra faithful representation of the original shape, more precise than conventional CNC or mold process.
Full Carbon Hull, connecting deck, bottom and rails, for all encompassing lightning fast response and supreme stiffness.
US track boxes: 2x 13”.
Soon available to pair with genuine KT foils, developed by Kane de Wilde (@kdmaui) and Jason Diffin (@jasondiffin).
All new KT Surfing ® Single Density Traction Pads, segmented, slotted for weight saving.
Available in Metallic Silver and Neon Orange Tech-Reveal KT finish, with inverted artwork and charcoal pads.

Stock Sizes.



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Ginxu Dragonfly 2 Pro Carbon SKU UPC Model
Basti Aldehoff, Germany  
Jul 03, 2024 

super happy with my 7'0 Dragonfly and 7'8 Crossing. Lightweight, solid build quality and a treat on the water

Thomas, USA  
Jun 26, 2024 

Hi there, I got a Dragonfly 7'7, and I am super happy. Thanks a lot!

5.0 5.0 2 2 super happy with my 7'0 Dragonfly and 7'8 Crossing. Lightweight, solid build quality and a treat on the water Ginxu Dragonfly 2 Pro Carbon
Ginxu Dragonfly SKU UPC Model
Roy Young, Puerto Rico  
Mar 19, 2024 

I ride the 7’4” dragonfly in Puerto Rico and weigh 182 pounds. For downwind the short to mid length dragonfly boards that I’ve tried are king of the jungle. There are other boards out there that have a faster planing speed, but the silver lining with the dragonfly design is that once you point it into the pocket of the bump the board projects itself, it loves to be pumped, and comes out of the water much easier than other boards that I’ve tried. Then when you’re up on foil it feels short, fun, user friendly and playful. Not to mention your buying a board from a company top tier DNA and great service. Gracias and Mahalo Keith / Pascal and staff!

Ivan, Bulgaria  
Jan 16, 2024 

Hi, I am wondering if this concept would work with a windsurf sail for light wind foiling as it looks like it will make it much easier to take off compared to a regular foil board. Do you have any plans for a version with a mast track for the bigger sizes? Maybe even as a custom model?


Chris Curran, Canada  
Nov 19, 2023 

200 lbs riding the 7.7" Dragonfly. Only 3 sessions in and my mind has been blown! I got this board for DW, SUP foiling in waves, flat water pop ups and light wind winging, but I just came off the water in 30 knot Arlington/Gorge-type conditions using a 3m DD wing. I never would have believed that one of these DW boards could be so fun in large swell with a wing. I didn't even miss riding my 72L Ginxu! The pitch control with the longer board combined with only 20" width makes for a great carving platform. The bottom shape just accelerates instantly to foil. Too much fun!!

Fredric, Spain  
Sep 18, 2023 


I am on my way learning to SUP foil DW and desperately need help with board size choice. I am a three year wing foiler with a decent level. I can do the usual stuff on the foil, no problem. Can connect the bump only a little but practice on every wing foil session to get better. I ride in Mallorca Spain and we have 10-15 knots usually then there are days with stronger wind, of course. In the summer we have the thermic winds every day for about 4 months. I am going to learn to SUP foil DW. I am a paddler since 5 years, even though the paddling has suffered last years to the fun of wing foiling. But i have good balance and can paddle straight, do J-strokes and all of that. Also DW sup paddling is a fun session. Even though I stay in up to half a meter high waves only. I have tried 6 different SUP foil DW boards to try to figure out what size would be good for me. I have tried them mostly in flat water or in very small chop. I have tried these boards: Sunova 6’9”x 22,1/2” 111L and Sunova 6’9”x 26” 128L, 1x Starboard 7’4”x21,1/2” 115L, Appletree 7’3”x21 110L, 1x Armstrong 7’7”x21”, 120 L and your Dragonfly 8’2”. And my clear favourite is the longest. Your 8’2” 121L. The other boards were all shorter. I understand the length helps a lot. The board I have tried have all been around 21-22” wide. But the shorter were far too unstable for me to start on, even in flat or with a little chop. The Dragonfly 8’2” was the only board that I could paddle straight easily and then focus to add power in the paddle strokes. Now to my question. I am 75 kg, 184cm tall. Do i order the 8’2” 121L or could it be better for me learning on the 7’7” 110L board? That is the question, I don’t know if what I have explained helps enough? The Armstrong board, 7’7”x21”, 120L i tried was a bit ok, but still not close to the 8’2”. I am afraid if I order the 7’7” it will also be too difficult, but then again I think I would learn pretty fast and then the 7’7 would be a better choice in the long run! This is even more complicated than choosing my first wing foil board. I’m on my 8th wing foil board now. I’d like to be a bit more clever choosing boards regarding the DW boards.

Thank you in advance for all input I can get. I will order a Dragonfly, but what size….?

Best regards

Francois, San Francisco  
Aug 31, 2023 

hello, I received my dragonfly 135l last month, I'm super happy with this board. Also, I live in the San Francisco area, we haven't had much wind this summer, so it was great to winging with the dragonfly.
I have a question about the position of the feet. Where should I put the front foot, I put it on the central mat above the 9 red dots, I feel like I'm a little behind, if I compare to the videos on youtube, the riders place their foot much further forward but they don't have the 135l.
I have another question, for winging I'm interested in a Ginxu, I currently have a 6*30 134l board, I wing a lot (15-20 times/month) I weigh 95-97kg, I hesitate between the Ginxu 105 or 120 l. What do you advise me.
Will you soon release a new model replacing the Ginxu?


Damien - 5 knots riding, USA  
Aug 14, 2023 

The future of light wind foiling:

Travy, USA  
Aug 13, 2023 

What Size Ginxu Dragonfly is right for me? (I'm 6'0' 200LBs.) What size Dragonfly does Slater Trout ride? He's a bigger dude like me. Thanks!

Hey Travy,

Thank you for reaching out!

Slater is 205lbs and is super happy with the 135L 8’4. Let me know if you would like me to connect you with a nearby dealer! Would be stoked to get you set up!

All the best,

Logan Bediamol
Shop Phone: (808)-575-2200

Damein LeRoy YouTube Channel, USA  
Jul 26, 2023 

My best decision this year was to buy a downwind board. It's a light wind weapon.

Damien LeRoy Youtube Channel Review, USA  
Jul 26, 2023 

Awesome. You guys have cracked Merlin’s magical code for a light wind setup many thought impossible. Now your body will never rest! Enjoy and thanks for the video.
Ps: you’ve officially killed light wind kite foiling.

Dimitri, Hawaii, USA  
Jul 20, 2023 

KT Ginxu, Dragonfly. This board is pure magic!

Taavi, Estonia  
Jul 13, 2023 

Impressions of my first day winging with a Dragonfly 6'9'' (95 L). Couldn't be happier, that board unlocks the low wind days.

Marc, Italy  
Jul 07, 2023 

Hi Fransicio just to let you know. Picked up the board yesterday afternoon en it really looks great. Working nightshift now will try to get on the water with it asap.

Marc, USA  
Jun 10, 2023 

Hi, guys @ktsurfing. Just wanted to let you know I really like your wing boards. Due to an accident I had to give up windsurfing and surfing and happy I discovered winging. Really impressed with the wing drifter 5'4 56 liter and also loving the 5'2 80 liter version. Can't wait for my ordered 8'4 dragonfly downwinder. Keep up the good work and thanks for the already nice moments on your boards and knowing some magical moments with them are waiting. Grtzz Marc


Jed, USA  
May 31, 2023 

On May 29, 2023

To Department: Foiling
Inquiry About: Ginxu Dragonfly

I am trying to punch through this most difficult sport I have ever been a part of: sup downwind foiling

I currently have a 6’8” 18.5” 90L and can barely Stand on it in bumps. I used the lift 170 and still only managed to get up on foil by what seems an accident. I need help and expertise in where I should go from here. My friend Phil just got his custom dragonfly and is very happy with it so far. Thank you!


Hey Jed,

Thanks for reaching out to us! We are more than happy to help.

SUP Downwinding is definitely quite the challenge. If you don’t mind, it would help us out a bit if you answered the following questions so we can get a better idea about what would be the best board/size for you:

Where are you located?
How long have you been foiling? Winging?
What would you say your skill level is?
Is your 6’8 90L the only board you’ve tried?
How big is Phil’s board? Have you gotten a chance to ride it?


Logan Bediamol
Shop Phone: (808)-575-2200

5.0 5.0 2 2 super happy with my 7'0 Dragonfly and 7'8 Crossing. Lightweight, solid build quality and a treat on the water Ginxu Dragonfly

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