Wing Air DD

Hard Handles.

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Wing Air DD

Direct Drive

Hard Handle Wing

Jason Diffin: “Direct Drive. Hard handles. Maximum control, maximum durability, maximum flight time.”

The Wing Air DD (Direct Drive) is the latest creation out of the KT Surfing R&D department. The DD sits alongside the original Wing Air, featuring hard handles and strengthened construction of the Leading Edge (LE) and Strut.

With two-ply dacron construction around all high-stress areas of the LE and strut connections, along with a revised, super durable, positive lock seaming method on key LE joints, the inflatable frame of the DD is stiffer and tougher than ever. It is ready to withstand the beatings of waves, jumps, and high wind winging.

Our new Direct Drive hard handles are lightweight and skinny, with a contoured EVA foam grip for easy handling.

The rigid handles give you the control and Direct Drive of the wing in all three dimensions, allowing you to increase your pumping power and efficiency and dial in your power and control zones while riding. We streamlined our handle system with the increased frame stiffness from our new construction. We removed the Y-handles connecting the strut to the LE and the center handle on the strut, saving weight and making tacks and gybes more crisp and connected, as you always reach for the same firm Direct Drive handle. The ends of the handle connection are open, allowing you to easily tie on a harness line should you want to sail with one, and the elongated balanced handles allow for easy one-handed winging.

Coming in Fluo Orange from 2.0 m to 6.0 m, the Wing Air DD is the wing you can trust for your big days and epic downwinders, as well as light cruising days with friends.

Ultra Light Canopy Construction.

2 EVA Grip Hard Handles, 1 Neoprene Grip front handle.

Available in 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0 squaremeters.

Available in Fluo Orange.





Wing Air DD

Canopy material: Ultra Light Triple Rip-Stop STW-18.

Leading Edge (LE) / Strut material: Ultra Stable K-PE 165 by Dimension Polyant.

Bladders: Double collared LE / Strut bladders for extra durability.

Abrasion patches: Kevlar elbow and tip patches on LE.

Hard Handles: Skinny reinforced plastic covered in a thin layer of comfortable EVA.

Handle array: 2 hard handles on the strut for optimized Direct Drive handling, 1 LE surf handle (to trail wing while surfing).

Valves: Independent LE / Strut “B2” high quality valves (no specialty nozzle necessary).



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Wing Air DD SKU UPC Model
Peter, USA  
Jul 26, 2023 

Hi, I would like to buy wing Air – 6 m. I wanna use it in light wind – For what range of wind in knots is that wing ?

Hey Peter,

Thank you for reaching out!

For the 6m Wing it was originally designed for 10-12 knots but paired with our new Dragonfly, we’ve seen riders use it in even lighter conditions.

Where are you located? I would be happy to set you up with our nearest dealer!

Also please let me know if you have other questions!

Thank you,

Logan Bediamol

Dan, Ireland  
Jul 12, 2023 

The safety aspect of the fluo Orange is a huge consideration, especially with wings, as they aren't generally as visible as sails or kites due to their flying position, particularly when flagged out. It's a timely remark as a visitor tacked way out to sea from our local beach a few days ago, and I could barely see them as they were using an off-white wing, which seems to be a trending color in wings. Black sails also have a similar problem in typical North European conditions. I volunteer in our local sea rescue service, and it is so incredibly hard to see people in the water. Anything like this really helps so thank you again for considering this into your designs

Christopher, US  
Jul 12, 2023 

The DD KT Wing and Ginxu have absolutely been a joy to ride this season. The stiff frame and stale profile of the powerful wings help launch into high jumps. Ginxu's beefy sandwich construction allows you to focus on sending it rather than worrying if the board is up to the task. The Team at KTfoiling has developed incredible foiling equipment but it should come as no surprise looking at their long pedigree in performance water sport. I am beyond stoked to be riding their gear. Too much fun!

Joe, USA  
Jun 08, 2023 

KT Lake Erie presque isle bay. Thank you!

Joe, USA  
Mar 26, 2023 

New HH wings are great old ones were Awsome off the charts now?

Aloha Joe,

We are stoked to hear that you liked the new wings. We still offer the handles, as some of our riders still prefer those.

If there is anything that we can help you with, please let us know.

All the best,


5.0 5.0 5 5 Hi, I would like to buy wing Air – 6 m. I wanna use it in light wind – For what range of wind in knots is that wing ?Hey Peter,Thank you for reaching out! For the Wing Air DD
Wing Air SKU UPC Model
Fernando, Colombia  
Nov 12, 2022 

Hi Jason, I am loving the wings. I am now using a full size smaller. When everyone is on 5 I am with the 4. Transitions super quick, love the handles. I slide the front hand a lot, when back crates a lot of lift for jumps. It feels crisp in the water.
I don’t know how will you be able to improve this one!
You need presence in Colombia. I have the only 2 KT wings here!



Diego, Australia  
Jul 14, 2022 

Hi guys, today I used both the 4 and 3 wings.
Honestly way better than my Wasps. Love the handles, especially the front one that goes to the leading edge.
When surfing flies great, towards the end I didn’t even look at it. Super stable.
Even overpowered was always well behaved.
Great upwind and super quick in transition.

Avinash, Estonia  
Jul 06, 2022 

I tested this wing 3 weeks ago. I am wingfoiling for 1.5 year now. My quiver is pretty up to date with other 2022 wings. Still as soon as I tested the 3.0 KT Wing Air I knew I was holding *tomorrow\'s* wing design. And I left the session thinking that my other 2022 wings were *yesterday\'s* wings. Lol!

A few days ago I went ahead and got the 3.0 and enjoyed a fine session yesterday, paired with my 90L Quatro Wingdrifter and Sabfoil 999/93 riding small bumps in high winds. Never did I feel out of sorts, overwhelmed etc. The wing just added to my confidence. Getting going is super easy and once up the wing feels a bit like a Goya Fringe! Love it! Can\'t wait for the next session!

Jul 05, 2022 

Hi team, happy 5th, hope you survived the weekend!

I had the opportunity to try the 62 and 38 ltr and loved them both. On top of it all, the KT Wings are amazing, got on the 3/4/5m this weekend and find the forward positioning on the front handle to be a key feature with the sinker starts.

Thank you,


Benjamin, San Francisco, USA  
Jun 02, 2022 

Had a few fun days out at Fort Point in the SF Bay recently!

Benjamin, USA  
May 26, 2022 

I went all in on the full quiver 2.5m through 6m. I've been very pleased with the performance and durability of the wings. The WingAir has a sweet design and is unmistakeable on the water. It's got excellent low end and feels very grunty on the pop-up. I ride with a low volume (sinker board) so this low end is critical for me to be able to plane and get on foil. The WingAir drifts like a total champ. When riding on swell or on a boat wake, it's almost as if the wing isn't even there. Grinding up wind the wing has solid power and is steady and stable in the wind window. I love that the WingAir comes with harness lines. I use them every session. All the accessories are excellent, from the bags the WingAir comes in, to the extra strips of tape the same color as the wing, for those unfortunate instances when the foil skewers the wing. I'm stoked to get out on the water every session with the WingAir!

Benjamin A.

Jonathan, USA  
May 18, 2022 

View my review from @

Taavi, Estonia  
May 04, 2022 

Feels light as a feather while riding, yet powerful. Super rigid frame makes it easy and efficient to pump and get going, fingertip control, gives plenty of good feedback, so the riding never gets boring, possible to ride holding the wing with just one hand only (not many wings can do that), etc. Well done you all.

Andrew, USA  
Apr 28, 2022 

I just got a 3m and 4m KT and I absolutely love them! The pumping power even in light conditions is incredible. I was able to get on foil with a 4m in 12kts, and haven't touched my other 5m since. The handles are really well balanced, and the front handle connects directly to the leading edge providing precise power transfer and control. The handles are thin and the pretty tight but this makes them easy to hold and improves the power transfer too! They float perfectly while surfing, and who doesn't love a neon orange wing?? When over powered they don't belly out and luff in your face, and with the long handles you can slide your hands forward and depower super easily. 11/10 would reccomend.

C Curran, Canada  
Apr 13, 2022 

The thought and detail that's gone into the new KT wings is really apparent. The 4m I rode was one of the best all around wings I've tried yet. I found both low and high end to be excellent, the frame is stiff and very stable and most important, forgettable both flagged out and powered up (my highest compliment!). Loved the light handling and the handle/straps work really well. This V1 has taken many attributes of the best current wings on the market and incorporated them. Amazing job!

Hugo, USA  
Mar 10, 2022 

I like the diagonal handles. Intrigued by your new wings,How rigid is the canopy? How balanced and forgiving is the shape accross the models?

5.0 5.0 5 5 Hi, I would like to buy wing Air – 6 m. I wanna use it in light wind – For what range of wind in knots is that wing ?Hey Peter,Thank you for reaching out!For the Wing Air

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