Drifter 4


Generation 4.


Drifter 4


Prone, Wing, Sup

Effortless and intuitive foiling, adapted for even more glide and stability.


The bottom shape flows from displacement at the front into double concave into the bevel tail. This unique bottom shape, combined with a slightly longer length and narrower outline helps the water flow effortlessly along the waterline of the board. The Drifter 4 Carbon is more stable and has more glide than ever with more maneuverability to carve and jump as hard as you dare. Now in its 4th generation, the tail has a more radical bevel for clearance and maneuverability. The Drifter 4 Carbon comes in a huge range of sizes from 14 to 170 liters. Great for electric foil assist.

Available in 14, 18, 22, 28, 34, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 90, 100, 115, 130, 150, 170 liters.
Revolutionary Seamless Form KT Technology, all new ultra faithful representation of the original shape, more precise than conventional CNC or mold process.
Carbon Monocoque, connecting the deck carbon stance area with the bottom carbon foil track area, via vertical struts, for ultimate structural cohesion.
Full S-Glass Hull for fast response, lively flex and supreme durability.
US track boxes: 2x 13”.
Soon available to pair with genuine KT foils, developed by Kane de Wilde (@kdmaui) and Jason Diffin (@jasondiffin).
All new MFC ® footstraps, including Adjustable V-Strap on select models.
All new KT Surfing ® Single Density Traction Pads, segmented, slotted for weight saving.
Available in Metallic Silver and Neon Yellow Tech-Reveal KT finish, with inverted artwork and charcoal pads.

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Uwe, USA  
Jul 07, 2024 

I wrote my first impression of the drifter just recently and wanted to provide an update. I had a chance to spend 1.5 weeks in Maui. I started with the 80L Drifter when the winds were lighter. As the wind picked up I wanted to demo the 72L board. I went to the Shop in Haiku and talked to KT who was super kind and took his time to guide me on which size would work for me. He recommended with my weight (78kg/174lbs) I shouldn't have an issue with the 64L. I wasn't sure, to say the least, but figured 'ok, why not'. I was blown away by how great this board was for me. I would choose this one for Maui conditions, which can be quite windy. I was gunning for the 80L but ended up with 72L which is 6kg less than my body weight. So, my recommendation would be to go with a smaller size on this board.

Joe, USA  
Jul 07, 2024 

2024 Wingdrifter90 takes off in a flash had last seasons 105 Ginxu this thing is next level foiling new pads great appreciate the weight loss from Ginxu but the WD is not as durable as Ginxu

Uwe, USA  
Jun 28, 2024 

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!! I am in Maui and was lucky to get my hand on the New 2024 Drifter thanks to Pascal and the super knowledgeable staff. I love to come to Haiku and check out new things. I vote for the "Best Store" in the world for any Wind/Fun-related toys!
I am 78kg/175lb and ride a Fanatic 85L 2022/23. The KT boards are becoming one of the highest standards in this sport and you cannot go wrong. No compromise, just perfect! Ok, that's what I have been told... 🙂 I demoed the 80L KT Drifter 2024 today and have to say it's true. At least for me. This board is so well-balanced, that you feel at home right away. Getting up on foil, finding the right foot position, etc. just works easy. It performs where your mind wants to go. Another struggle on my Fanatic was that while it is great on foil, getting up there was often hard. I always needed a larger wing size (at least 0.5m more) to get on foil but once up I am overpowered which is a common complaint, especially from beginners to intermediate wingers. Anyway, that all has changed as of today. The KT board is the winner. All works so well that there is no time wasted to be frustrated! This board can help to not only have more fun but truly get to your next level. Big Mahalo Quatro and KT for such a great board. And thanks for always giving folks the time they need to make up their mind and to help them with demoing boards. It's becoming rare these days. Uwe from the Bay Area.

Jeff, Seattle  
Jun 27, 2024 

Can't wait to try it... I'm still loving my 80L 5'2" gen 2 drifter (haven't found conditions it doesn't handle well), but I have no doubt this would be an excellent upgrade.

Charles, Hawaii  
Jun 05, 2024 

I went to see the 6’0” 130L (second hand) and was surprised at how light it is. Ended up buying it!

5.0 5.0 5 5 I wrote my first impression of the drifter just recently and wanted to provide an update. I had a chance to spend 1.5 weeks in Maui. I started with the 80L Drifter when the winds w Drifter 4 Carbon

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