Ginxu 2

Pro Carbon.

Generation 2.


Ginxu 2

Pro Carbon.

Step Bottom Prone, Wing

Radical carving and maneuvers with unmatched early take off and seamless touchdowns.


In its 2nd generation the Ginxu 2 Pro Carbon balances neutrally on or above the water. Lifting up, it paddles with ease and releases from the surface unlike anything else. Displacement front into double concave, with a reduced Ginxu Step Bottom (patented) to balance the perfect volume displacement. The ultra beveled tail creates a maximum of performance water clearance for foil carving and maneuvers. The front rails and shape are designed to land and release for the most radical foil freestyle moves and jumps, as well as seamless touch downs.

Available in 39, 46, 54, 62, 72, 82, 92 liters.
Revolutionary Seamless Form KT Technology, all new ultra faithful representation of the original shape, more precise than conventional CNC or mold process.
Carbon Monocoque, connecting the deck carbon stance area with the bottom carbon foil track area, via vertical struts, for ultimate structural cohesion.
Full S-Glass Hull for fast response, lively flex and supreme durability.
US track boxes: 2x 13”.
Soon available to pair with genuine KT foils, developed by Kane de Wilde (@kdmaui) and Jason Diffin (@jasondiffin).
All new MFC ® footstraps, including Adjustable V-Strap on select models.
All new KT Surfing ® Single Density Traction Pads, segmented, slotted for weight saving.
Available in Metallic Silver and Neon Red Tech-Reveal KT finish, with inverted artwork and charcoal pads.

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Ginxu 2 Pro Carbon SKU UPC Model
Jim, Canada  
Jul 07, 2024 

Got my new ginxu 2 92 this board that replaced my drifter 105 3 gen. Im 215lbs so was looking for a board that is quick to get on foil and feel small but have some volume. For a big guy i need the volume but dont need it in width so the ginxu 25 width feels great. It gets up so quick on foil with narrow prifile and ginxu cut . Great board thanks kt team

Chris, Canada  
Jun 06, 2024 

I had the 72L Ginxu last year and loved that board. The new 62L is a huge step up in ease of use as well as performance. It's shed a bunch of weight and is a joy to throw around in the air as well as carry back to the car after a long session. The longer, narrower shape is noticeably better for getting onto foil and the volume distribution makes starting a breeze even for me at 205lbs. I think you can go a size smaller than usual as it is so efficient. KT and the test team crushed it with this shape!

Alberto, Italy  
May 17, 2024 

Tried the GInxu 2 62L yesterday for the first time. Huge upgrade from previous model. I found it a lot easier to get on it and stand up (much more balanced). Take offs were great already, now even better. The huge weight reduction makes air tricks so much more effortless! Love the new narrow shape! Crazy and radical carving. Stoked @

5.0 5.0 3 3 Got my new ginxu 2 92 this board that replaced my drifter 105 3 gen. Im 215lbs so was looking for a board that is quick to get on foil and feel small but have some volume. For a bi Ginxu 2 Pro Carbon
Ginxu SKU UPC Model
Francois, San Francisco  
Aug 31, 2023 

hello, I received my dragonfly 135l last month, I'm super happy with this board. Also, I live in the San Francisco area, we haven't had much wind this summer, so it was great to winging with the dragonfly.
I have a question about the position of the feet. Where should I put the front foot, I put it on the central mat above the 9 red dots, I feel like I'm a little behind, if I compare to the videos on youtube, the riders place their foot much further forward but they don't have the 135l.
I have another question, for winging I'm interested in a Ginxu, I currently have a 6*30 134l board, I wing a lot (15-20 times/month) I weigh 95-97kg, I hesitate between the Ginxu 105 or 120 l. What do you advise me.
Will you soon release a new model replacing the Ginxu?


Damien LeRoy Youtube Channel Review, USA  
Jul 25, 2023 

Well what you are doing wrong.. You are not testing the 56L! 😉 Especially when talking about boards in the sweetspot. The 56L with 5'4 length is longer and that makes it such an easy board to get on to the foil! Just checkout my review about his one 😉 But seriously, the KT Wing Drifter range is really good. Since I have the 56L, this my go 2 board in all conditions (and I'm 85kg) It does look like you Florida Ocean is bit less choppy which makes the 62 not such a bad choice 😉

Damien LeRoy Youtube Channel reviews, USA  
Jul 25, 2023 

4 weeks ago
Try the 42 .. its amazing to wing , I also have a56 for light wind,, gets going easier than my 72 .. top boards (I weigh 75kilos and I'm 60 years old..

Damien LeRoy Youtube Reviews, Maui  
Jul 25, 2023 

Thanks for the video review. I live on Maui the home of KT. I started winging on the wing drifter 130 liter I just bought this same model in your review yesterday! but in a 90 liter, can't wait to get out there to try it out.

Damien LeRoy YouTube channel, USA  
Jul 25, 2023 

4 weeks ago
Estoy enamorado de las tablas de KT , sobretodo de la Ginxu?

Elliot, England  
Jul 15, 2023 

Cant see a price for this on your shop
I geuse if i have to ask i cant aford it ?

Matt, Hatteras  
Jul 12, 2023 

Kick ass. Here is the latest edit we did on the board.....

Matt Nuzzo

Debbie, New York  
Jul 12, 2023 

I got to ride the board today finally had some wind, it took right off STOKED ?

Paulo, Portugal  
Jul 03, 2023 

The 160 I’ve been giving lessons, it’s bullet proof, guys managed to fall on the board bending the 55cm foil mast in aluminium and the board doesn’t even have a mark.

Joe, USA  
Jun 08, 2023 

Riding Ginxu and KT Wing. Lake Erie presque isle bay

I finally got my hands on a Ginxu after waiting for a year to buy one tried last year in the Gorge at this time didn’t have any at Bigwinds got one from Real water sports on sale could not be happier was riding a wingdrifter 115 now the 105G foils up faster than WD just unreal been riding your wings and boards couldn’t be happier


Joe, USA  
May 19, 2023 

Ginxu is a game changer for me spent a year on the 2022/23 WingDrifter now on the Ginxu just so easy smaller size foils up like the WD and the wings rock also last years snd the 2023 DD,s thank you KT for making winging so much fun

Diego, Australia  
Jan 03, 2023 

I have both the 46L and 62L Ginxu boards I highly rate them. I just wished they weren\'t so pricey.

Luis, Canary islands, Spain  
Nov 29, 2022 

I have tried it today. The 4,3 x 26 liters. And I’m really surprised. This is the board. Easy waterstart, súper pumping, incredible rail to rail surfing and huge relaunch. It’s awesome

Chris, USA  
Apr 27, 2022 

It looks really cool. What size board would float me? I\'m 5\'ll, 215lbs. I\'ve been SUP foiling for 5 years

Hmm, at 97kg the 105 could work but would be technical. If it\'s mainly glassy and not too much current or boils in the lineup, and the wave isn\'t too steep, where you sup foil - that could work.

Otherwise he\'d need to jump to 120 to be totally safe. Honestly a 112 is probably the perfect size-ish at that size

For me - I find +10L to my weight is good for volume for SUP foil and wind foil. So I\'m about 79kg, and my custom (the one your friends have) is 88L and I can SUP and windfoil on that no problem.

For wing - if you are comfortable getting up and flying, and say just working on jibes - then at that point for volume you can go either weight or less 10L. So again, I can wing on a 69L in almost ZERO wind. You really only need more than the volume (say + 20L) just in the beginning to make it easier to get up. But very quickly, having too much volume can slow the learning process, as it is much more difficult to control extra volume in the air (with a foil) than it is when it\'s on the water (with a fin haha).

Hope that helps -

Thank you for reaching over!


Jim, Canada  
Apr 22, 2022 

The board is excellent!

5.0 5.0 3 3 Got my new ginxu 2 92 this board that replaced my drifter 105 3 gen. Im 215lbs so was looking for a board that is quick to get on foil and feel small but have some volume. For a bi Ginxu

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