1. Before pulling the bladder out through the zipper unfold the flap at the tail end of the strut or both ends of the leading edge and tie a thin chase line to the tail of the bladder, there should be a little hole on the end of the bladder for this purpose, if not then a square knot around the tail works fine too. Ensure the line is long enough to remain in the wing so you can use it to pull the new or repaired bladder back into place.

2. There is Velcro holding the valve in place, and there is a Velcro hanger patch close to the leading edge in the strut. You should be able to reach in through the zipper and detach both.

3. The valve is a very tight fit into the fabric and takes firm pressure to release and reinsert.

4. Once everything is disconnected, carefully remove the bladder through the zipper and untie the chase line(s) leaving them in the wing.

5. Small holes of 12mm or less can be patched and repaired. Gently reinflate the bladder and apply soapy water to the outside looking for bubbles. Once you find the hole mark it with a permanent marker.

6. Dry the affected area completely and apply a circular bladder patch over the hole.

7. For large tears, replace the whole bladder.

8. As you reinstall the bladder, reverse steps 1-4 using the chase line(s) to gently pull the bladder back into the sleeve, making sure that it doesn’t twist. After everything is reattached and the tail flaps and zipper are folded closed, slowly reinflate the wing. If you notice any deformation, your bladder is likely twisted and you should immediately release the pressure and work out the twists prior to reinflation.

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