Imaikalani by Sofie


Perpetual Rush.

2022/23 Surfboards.

Shaped by Keith Teboul
Developed by Imaikalani deVault, Savanna Stone, Kain Daly, Nicollo Porcella, Kai Lenny, Ridge Lenny
Designed by Bjoern Zedlick

All board sports trace back to surfing. And nothing will ever surpass its purity and the feeling of connectedness to the wave, the water, the elements.

We have seen other disciplines come, windsurfing, kiting, wakeboarding, sup, foiling, winging. And we celebrate them all.

Yet our love for surfing is the source and will always be the root that we are loyal to.

Surfing is the perpetual rush that every other discipline cues as their reference, their idol, their aspiration, their benchmark.

For us, surfing is not a benchmark we aspire to, but the foundation of our lifestyle.

We are joined in this lifestyle by the immense talent of Savanna Stone, Annie Starr, Imaikalani deVault, Kai Lenny, Ridge Lenny, Ian Walsh, Kain Daly, Nicollo Porcella, Axel Rosenblad, Kai Schmitz, Logan Bediamol, Julia González, Ben Harrison, Kody Kerbox, Finn Spencer, Jeffrey Spencer, and the list could go on and on.

We feel humble in their presence. In this moment in time, our time. The team is everything to us. The people we share our boards with, are the reason we do what we do.

This one is for you.


Keith Teboul

New Boards.

The surfboard range.

Crusher Shortboard Thruster
AR Carbon All-Around Thruster
AR All-Around Thruster
Expanse Carbon Summer Thruster
Plate Lunch Summer Thruster
Helix Carbon Step Up Thruster
Helix Step Up Thruster
Fringe All-Around Penta
Traveler Fish Twin
Ministick Carbon Minitanker Thruster
Ministick Minitanker Thruster
Yardstick Longboard 2+1

Driver Perfermance Thruster Kiteboard
Trickster Shredding Penta Kiteboard

Timeless Looks.

The design.

Our range comes with a unified look that we believe speaks of the quality and care we invest into each model, each individual board really.

We take inspiration from traditional surfing and fresh trends in our foiling range alike.

Yet the common goal is to achieve a timeless product that will feel well, both to your feet and your eyes, now and during the hopefully many seasons that you and your board will share waves together.

Get out and ride,

Bjoern Zedlick

Surf boards.

Precision engineered, passion shaped, master built. So that you can forget about all those words on the water.

Lightning Pace.

2022/23 Foilboards.

Shaped by Keith Teboul
Developed by Casey Hauser, Kai Lenny, Ridge Lenny, Ian Walsh, Annie Starr
Designed by Bjoern Zedlick

Foiling is evolving at lightning pace and everyday more riders from different sport backgrounds continue to get the addiction to flight.

The KT Surfing team led by Kai and Ridge Lenny, Ian Walsh, and Annie Starr are constantly expanding the design scope as new foiling opportunities present themselves in prone and wing foiling. Their mission and demand for performance and durability are what drive our R&D and they go into every foil board we make.

As wingfoiling specifically has come onto the scene, and exploded, our KT Surfing foil line has made appropriate adjustments in board construction and stance options to meet the new performance and durability demands as riders take to the air, to bigger waves, to freestyle and race courses.

Above all else, the entire range continues to focus on providing the best in-flight control and ease of rebound off the water and back into the air.


Keith Teboul

New Boards.

The foilboard range.

Ginxu Three in One Foilboard, U.S. Patent No. 11,027,796 B1
Drifter Slim Prone Foilboard
Wing Drifter Prone, Wing, Sup Foilboard
Drifter Wake Wake Foilboard
Drifter Kite Kite Foilboard

New Looks.

The design.

The new range comes with a both meaner and cleaner look. Aggressive cuts in the pads for lightness, black graphics, yet both are letting the board itself and its color take center stage.

Paint is applied minimalisticly, resulting in an alive look highlighting parts of the build, as well as keeping down the weight.

Get out and ride,

Bjoern Zedlick

Foil Boards.

Loyal to delivering decades worth of innovation and craft into an experience that leaves us awestruck time and time again.

Kite Boards.

The world is inclusive, as are the disciplines we admire, yet all products we manufacture are the pinnacle of exclusivity.

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