All-Around Penta.


All-Around Penta

The new Fringe is your go to board for junk condtions. Much fuller nose and tail. Lower nose and tail rocker. We’re actually super proud of this one as it brings the performance mindset into a true all-around board.

We added a little vee off the tail to keep the board on rail with the flatter tail rocker. A swallow tail to help with a little more grip with the fuller tail and tail block. Very quick to get going and keep its speed. Super fast in turns in average to messy waves. This one really is a must for any quiver.

The new Carbon Exoskeleton Construction is an incredibly efficient way by which we create and control the flex in our EPS Epoxy boards. Our layups are fine tuned to allow the board to flex slower than a normal EPS board.

Carbon Exoskeleton Construction.

Available in 5’4”, 5’5”, 5’6”, 5’7”, 5’8”, 5’9”, 5’10”, 5’11”, 6’0”, 6’1”, 6’2”, 6’4”.

5 Futures White ILT finboxes.

Available in white.


All-Around Penta.

Fringe by Bjoern




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Sam, Hi  
Feb 03, 2024 

All around fun board for all conditions

Sam, Hi  
Feb 03, 2024 

All around fun board for all conditions

Chris, Hawaii  
Jan 02, 2024 

Hey there. I was just on Maui and rented a 6'0 Fringe from the guys at 808 boards. The thing ripped. So I'm looking to pick up either that sort of thing or a traveller. What would the next steps be?


Rich Z, Rockaway Beach NYC  
Jan 29, 2023 

I have a fringe in the 59 and 511 and they are perfect for the conditions we have in NY. Super maneuverable in addition to maintaining speed around crumbly breaking sections this board is good for smaller mush but also awesome in tidier hollow. I’m able to make some later drops while angling down steeper waves that are closing out and maneuvering to cleaner sections with the fringe. If I had one board in my quiver this would be it.

Darren Quiver Windsurfing Centre, UK  
Jul 21, 2016 

I have the Fringe 6'0, a board to fit in between my Quatro SUP, my 5'8 Foot Gun & on days were there is no wind for windsurfing. Well after using it in Cornwall. I can say Hello 5 Star rating!! On clean 5/6 foot waves @ Harlyn Bay near Padstow, a real pleasure riding every wave!!! Displaces water well, super quick & easy to paddle, making it effortless & stable to pop up. Turns, carves super sweet on bottom turns & cut backs, loving kicking buckets at any chance. Even riding a couple of non choice waves to see how it handles, yet again amazed as with no let up on the ease of paddling, plus maintaining power still with a few easy pumps on the front foot to drive it off white water of a spilling break back onto the plunging wave. It really makes the most out of gutless messy waves. With the fish like shape, pushing power through the back foot on bottom turns, really driving the turn keeps consistent power there. I had a big messy day at Perranporth, Super easy to duck dive 13/18 foot white water. But the wind pick up to 30mph, it was a shame to put it back in its board bag, so it was time to get out windsurfing!! 🙂

In a nutshell : Great wave catchability , Go fast in small waves, possibility to perform some more intermediate and advanced maneuvers in gutless waves, catch mushier smaller waves that may normally pass you by.

5.0 5.0 5 5 All around fun board for all conditions

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