Ginxu Dragonfly

Pro Carbon.

Annie Reickert.

Drifter 4


Kai Lenny.

Ginxu 2

Pro Carbon.

Generation 2.



Kai Lenny.



Kai Lenny and Slater Trout.


Humbled to work with these talents.

We feel privileged to work with riders like Imai, Kain, Kai, Logan and the rest of this amazing team, to see their talent push the brand while we supply them with the tools they need, to do what they love. Sitting at the beach and watching these guys rip is almost as rewarding as sitting in the lineup yourself.

Team Gear

Broken in. By professionals.

We are stocking some exceptional quality used gear in our Flagship Store.
Gear that was ridden by our team riders. Gear that is KT certified. Gear that can now be yours.

Please contact us for shipping rates.
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