Daniel Bocater

National Teamrider.

Instagram. @sketchimdown
Hometown. San Diego, Encinitas
Home spot. Seaside reef
Sponsors. Jetty, KT Surfing.
What’s your magic board and in what moment did you realize it? The 5’8” crusher. Found out it was my favorite when Timmy (sales rep) made it a KT demo for people to test out.
If you had an unlimited budget or Keith came out of a lamp, what quiver would you ask for? From bottom to top I would go with a 5’3 twin fish, 5’5” plate lunch, 5’8 crusher, 5’10” crusher little more knifey, and I’ll throw a huge 8’0” plate lunch just for kicks.
Dream Trip. Boat trip to the Mentawais to get the iconic shot of getting shacked and hucking gainers off the boat.
Hobbies. Ping pong.
Music. I like all kinds except country.

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