Nora Liotta

International Teamrider.

Hometown.Haiku, Maui
Home spot.Hookipa
Sponsors.KT – Dakine – FCS – Cell Nectar- HiTech Surf shop
What’s your magic board and in what moment did you realize it?My magic board is my 6’0 step up! I realized it after surfing on it a few times and it felt as lively as a shortboard!!
If you had an unlimited budget or Keith came out of a lamp, what quiver would you ask for?I am so grateful to have an amazing quiver already, however.. I would ask for all kinds of different boards, single fins, twin, quads, longboards, and of course thrusters!!
Dream Trip.The Mentawais or Salina Cruz!
Hobbies.I love to cook with my mom. I also make jewelery for fun and play pickleball!
Music.I like all different kinds! I currently love country music though.

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