Mid Length

PU Epoxy.

Generation 1.

Mid Length

PU Epoxy.

Middle Length Thruster / Quad

A remake of a modern classic.


The midlength has become an instant hit with the entire team. A timeless outline blended with a low and smooth gradual rocker enables you to effortlessly paddle into anything as early as you like. The Midlength just wants to flow and glide through any section while the more pulled in tail means you can burn off all the speed and swoop and turn as hard as you’d like. Excelling in both small soft surf or long clean points, turns, tubes or closeouts have never been more fun. The Midlength can be ridden as a thruster for more performance surfing or as a quad for the ultimate drive.

Available in 6’5”, 6’8”, 6’11”, 7’2”, 7’5”.
PU Epoxy Construction.
Futures White ILT finboxes: 5x.
Available in white.

Stock Sizes.



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